通过Alliant虚拟咖啡馆, 我们将支持我们的社区, 提供我们教师的专业知识, 并提供联系和指导. 我们不仅要学会如何应对新常态, 我们将在逆境中茁壮成长, and begin our journey toward psychological recovery after enduring a once-in-a-lifetime global health crisis. 我们会一起度过难关的.




The Alliant虚拟咖啡馆 is a place for us to gather and support each other during these trying and uncertain times. 我们正在与专家就下列主题举行会议 情绪感染, 和你的孩子谈论流行病, 以及应对夫妻和家庭的幽居病. 请参阅下面的会议录音.






在家办公, 应对财务不确定性, keeping children entertained and engaged in learning— these are areas for which many of us can use additional support. We have compiled resource links to help guide us through these unique challenges.









The biggest keys for handling cabin fever with your family are relaxing expectations, 专注于建立关系, 为每个人保留每天独处的时间. 尽可能多地利用这段时间与彼此重新建立联系. 人际关系比学业更重要吗, 坚持严格的日常生活, 或者任何带来压力的严格日程安排.

答案由 Dr. 肖恩·戴维斯

How can I strengthen my relationship with my partner while we are quarantined 在一起?

Doing the same thing over and over can become stifling, so use the time to come up with new routines. 早上一起去散步, 晚上打牌, 轮流照看孩子——如果不一样的话, 试一试! 在原地不动的秩序下,无聊和例行公事是爱的敌人. Find question online you can ask your spouse to deepen your relationship (I like John Gottman’s Love Map questions: http://www.integralpsychology.org/uploads/1/5/3/0/15300482/wkbk_2.pdf). 一定要从彼此身上抽出时间!

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What can I do is my partner is driving me insane and I can’t even get space from them?

把它! Don’t be afraid to ask for some alone time, and don’t be offended when your partner requests it. 在这段时间里,每个人都有规律的独处时间是很重要的. 想要一些属于自己的时间并不意味着你们的关系破裂了, 但不给自己留点时间可能会造成真正的伤害. 同意给对方尽可能多的独处时间, 在你的车上, 或者在社交场合远距离散步.  

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恐慌和焦虑是人类在不确定时期的正常反应, and given the unusual nature of the COVID-19 pandemic -- both in terms of its duration and its severity --many of us will experience amplified reactions at some point as we progress through this event. 

心理学 offers several insights into managing these difficult and uncomfortable emotional states.  首先,重要的是要认识到恐慌和焦虑是会传染的.  过度接触处于亢奋状态的人, or to media that are focused upon the most challenging elements of the current situation, 能放大我们自己的焦虑体验吗.  Research has shown that viewing another in a state of distress activates the regions in our brains associated with experiencing distress ourselves.  Recognizing our susceptibility to "catch" others affective responses can help guide us to seek out those who are experiencing calmer states or to "unplug" at regular intervals.  参与良好的自我保健实践-确保我们有适当的营养, 充足的休息, engage in regular exercise -- also builds the resilience that supports emotional balance.  记住,我们的情感状态可以通过暂停来调节, 呼吸, and -- in particular -- cognitively and emotionally reconnecting to those elements of life that have purpose and meaning for us is also vital to regaining a sense of control.  也许同样重要, we can embrace contagion dynamics and -- when in a fortified and positive emotional state -- reach out to others who might be experiencing anxiety and panic themselves, 知道传染是双向的, 我们可以积极地影响我们周围的人, 从而提升我们的集体经验,同时, 在一起, 这一次,我们克服了挑战.

答案由 Dr. 戴安娜Concannon


Grieving one we have loved is a deeply painful, varied, and primitive experience at any time.  As with so much else, the current pandemic can heighten and complicate the grieving process. 

Travel restrictions and social distancing may prohibit traditional mourning rituals. 24个统计死亡人数的新闻周期不断提醒着我们的损失. Physical separation from those with whom we would seek comfort can magnify the absence of one whose presence we cherished.  特别是在这个时期, 频繁的, 与任何失去亲人的人保持联系对康复至关重要.  无论是通过电话还是通过其他技术, connect and listen – whether they want to speak about the loved one or any other aspect of their current life.  如果离他们的位置很近, 或者能够安排运送关怀包裹, send basic items that could provide comfort – whether food or books or paper goods.  Gently inquire about daily habits to ensure that they are getting proper nutrition and rest, 尤其是独居的时候. 和, 如果你认为他们在这段时间可能需要额外的支持, 代表他们研究与他们价值观一致的资源, such as population-specific virtual bereavement groups or one of the many mental health professionals currently offering telemental health services.

We have all experienced some level of loss – even if only in the way in which we have traditionally lived our daily lives.  通过伸出援手, 我们有机会改变我们失去亲人的经历, 积极地影响那些悲伤和需要我们的人. 

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We have some of the nation’s leading experts and community leaders in psychology and education who are willing to lend their expertise and support during this time. 你可以问他们任何问题,从“我该如何应对幽居病??” to “How do I ensure my children are still getting a quality education from home?” Just submit your questions and we will post the answers and guidance from our experts below. 我们在一起.